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Account Balance


Selerit Balance Instruction

Selerit balance is a convenient, fast and safe payment method for users. 

You can  top-up money into your Selerit account and then use the balance to pay for your orders. Order refunds will be added to your Selerit account directly .

But if you need , We also can process to your Paypal Or Credit Card .


Where can I access My Balance ?

●  In the drop-list of “My account”;

●  On the “My Account”> ”My Balance” page;

●  On the shopping cart page;

●  On the “My Orders”> “Unpaid Orders”.


How do I activate My Balance?

Step 1: 

Verify your email address :

We’ll send a verification code , open the email and copy the verification code to confirm it .

Step 2: 

Set your payment password : 

Create an password with 6 numbers.

This password is required when making payments by your balance.

 Warm Tip :

● Email address must be verified before setting the payment password .

● Pls make sure this email address is your correct email address which is available .

● If you need to change your email address ,

Pls contact our Customer Service Team who will assist you .

( Once the password successfully set , Email address can not be changed anymore )


How do I change my payment password?

You can update your password by going to “My Account”>”My Balance”>

Step 1: going to “My Account”>”My Balance”> to change payment password .

Step 2: Email will be sent to you to confirm the change .

Step 3: Change it by using the verification code which received in email .


Forgot your password ?

You can click the “Forgot Password “,and send the Verify E-mail to reset your Payment password .


What can I do when my account has been frozen due to entering the incorrect password too many times?

If the password was entered incorrect over 5 times within 24 hours , 

Your account balance will be frozen in the next 24 hours .


How can I Top-Up my balance or withdraw it ?

● If you need to withdraw the balance back to your Paypal or Credit Card account, 

Pls Fill the application and we will process the refund within 48 hours . 


How can I check the transaction records of my Selerit balance ?

You can see a full record of all transactions and your current balance at “My Balance”>”My Balance Change Record & Withdrawal Record . 

 Pls feel free to contact our customer service when you meet any balance issue.