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Women’s Trousers 2020: Trends Of Fashion Shows

Fashion for women’s pants in 2020 offers a huge selection of models, a richness of colors and finishes, various lengths. The main trend is high waist.

fashion womens trousers 2020


Slim girls are allowed to wear trousers on the hips, but this is kind of the exception.


Fashionable trousers style 2020 for women


Stylish classic trousers are not only a part of the official style, the have become a part of stylish casual looks.


Fashionable trousers 2020


With high yoke

In an effort to show a fashionable high waist, fashion designers often use a yoke. It may look like a wide figured belt, and sometimes it is a separate element of the decor. As you know, a high waist in trousers and skirts will perfectly hide a small belly.

women's fashion high yoke trousers
women’s fashion high yoke trousers



This model is a modern trend for the next spring and summer. Trousers are recommended to be flared from the knee or from the hip, the length can be very different – from full length to cropped variants.

trendy women's flared trousers
Elie Saab 2020

With turns

The retro model with turns is a hit of the upcoming season. In addition to the classical form, this detail is appropriate in more democratic models (such as bloomers), in the form of a self-belt or elastic band. Even wide trousers like palazzo trousers may have turns.

fashion women trousers with turn
Chanel Spring Ready to Wear 2020


With folds

Models with folds starting from a belt or a small yoke are an excellent choice for both a business look and a casual outfit. An important detail: this model allows you to hide some flaws of the figure.

women's trousers with folds



The focus of the new season is wide trousers not of light and flowing but also of dense fabrics. Such a model will be in demand in the spring and summer, however, in the cold season it will become part of a stylish look.

fashion wide trousers with wide for women



Wide cropped trousers – culottes – will be extremely fashionable in the fall-winter season of 2019-2020, especially those made of corduroy. Width varies from medium to up to the ankle. This model creates a graceful and elegant look. See all the fashionable variations of culottes of 2020 on our website.


fashion women's wide cropped trousers – culottes
fashion women's wide culottes trousers 2020


The original model came from the 80s of the last century. A wide flare visually creates the effect of a skirt. The advantage of this style is that it suits almost all women, regardless of figure and age. Unlike in previous years, today these trousers are sewn not only from flowing materials, but also from fabrics of denser texture.

women fashion pants-skirt



Loose palazzo trousers are a romantic attribute of a summer outfit. However, in the new season, this model smoothly transfers from summer to autumn and winter. Fashion designers recommend opening the cold season with loose palazzo trousers made of soft woolen fabrics.

cool womens loose palazzo trousers 2020
fashion women loose palazzo trousers 2020



Models that are tight on the legs are also in demand. Women who have slim legs can emphasize the advantages of their figure. This can be a variety of classic trousers, and leggings, and «skinny», as well as yoga pants.

fashion narrow trousers for women 2020



Trousers with the length above the ankle remain trendy. This includes classical models, tight-fitting, culottes and wide models.

women's trousers with the length above the ankle


Photos from fashion shows demonstrate many models of fashionable women’s trousers in 2020. Thanks to this, it is easy for each woman to choose the best option in her own character.


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