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Embroidery Dresses:


Delicate Embroidery Dresses


Like a little more detail on your clothes? Our embroidered dresses are specially designed for you! From intricate floral designs to exquisite collars, our embroidered dress will definitely complete every charm.


Designs & Styles


Embellish your daily outfits with our vintage-style embroidered dresses! Selerit's embroidered dresses come in a variety of unique decorations and charming accents, adding a dear touch to any look. Choose from luxurious designs such as strapless dresses with embroidered skirts or dresses sewn with colorful feather motifs. If you just want to add a little detail, you can choose a cute a-line skirt with female roses on the neckline.


Our vintage-inspired embroidered dress is perfect for any occasion!  No matter where you go, our beautiful embroidered skirts will surely catch your eyes!


Ready to add exquisite details to your outfit? Explore Selerit's variety of fascinating embroidered dresses and find your favorite style!




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