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Delicate Womens Jewelry


If you're a sucker for delicate jewelry,to embellish your super-simple style just a smidge, today we're sharing our favourite minimal-inspired jewelry for you to explore.


How to Wear Delicate Jewelry


Whether you're looking to update your go-to T-shirt–and-jeans look with a shiny gold pendant or hoping to seek out a new signature jewelry piece that's maybe even monogrammed together with your initials, Selerit got you covered with the best womens jewelry for minimalists, fashion rings, boutique earring, beautiful necklaces, etc. Keep look to check out the items your friends are sure to covet.


Choosing Minimalist Pieces


If jewels or small stones aren't your styles, try geometric pieces. This style creates clean lines with startling shapes. They're bold without being fussy or overbearing.


Or Try a beaded effect: beads small and somewhat muted in color, such as just having beads on the center part of a chain.


For instance, try wearing a beaded or a geometric bracelet as a statement piece with almost any short-sleeved shirt or dress.


At the Sele rit(Selection spirit) boutique store online, we offer designer style high-quality jewelry with an affordable price tag! Shop Now and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $49!




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